Terms of Service

Welcome to Decode. This platform represents a new approach in the realm of Financial Non-Fungible Tokens (FNFTs), specifically focusing on ve3,3 financial NFTs. We`'`re excited to offer you a unique marketplace experience.

Please note, the platform and its technology are currently in a beta phase. We`'`re continually working to improve and refine our offerings. As this is a beta service, we urge you to understand that there may be risks involved when interacting with the platform.

By using our service, you acknowledge and agree that any interactions with the protocol and its offerings are undertaken at your own risk. Our team strives to provide a seamless and robust experience; however, we cannot be held responsible for any technical issues, product-related problems, or other challenges that may arise while using this beta service.

We appreciate your understanding and your willingness to be part of this innovative journey. Your feedback and experiences are invaluable as we work towards creating a full-fledged, robust Financial NFT marketplace.

Thank you for choosing to explore and engage with Decode. We look forward to your contributions to our growing community.